Green 4D 16 Lines Laser Level 360
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About 4D Laser Level 360


The Green 4D 16 lines Model Number MG4D1 series of products for finer positioning, with self-leveling system, flexibility and stability.Self-leveling function can conquer small rugged place such as 4°, over 4° the laser light will keep blinking to remind you to put it on a flat place.Alarm function beyond the safe range.

Clicking on the control panel of the "Power" key can decrease the laser level’s power ; click the "Power" key again, it will increase the power (the lines will be much brighter). 

Instrument features:

-Waterproof grade:IP54 

-Wavelength:520nm (OSRAM Laser Diode)

-Laser class:II

-Leveling: Gravity pendulum self leveling

-Self-leveling: Yes

-Tilt Slash Function : Yes

-Available Work with Receiver or Detector : Yes

-Outdoor mode (Receiver mode): Yes

-Power: Rechargeable Lithium Battery x 1pcs

Working time:3~4 Hrs (4 laser beams or 16 lines laser)/ Rechargeable Lithium Battery

In general can be full of battery charging 3 ~ 4 hours.

-Power type: EU plug and US plug (send EU plug by default, if you need US plug, please contact me).